2020 challenges!

Below are a list of fabulous ideas and challenges you can take part in for 2020 to give yourself plenty to plan and look forward to, helping you to combat those January blues.

Learn more about other cultures…

1. Exploring world celebrationshttps://mammytotwoboys.com/2020/01/04/2020-exploring-world-celebrations-challenge/

Stevie Louise – https://mammytotwoboys.com

Show yourself some love…

2. Self care and Gratitude https://ourtransitionallife.com/new-year-new-you-the-only-resolution-you-need-to-make-in-2020/

Kelly Allen – https://ourtransitionallife.com

Do what makes you happy…

3. Goalshttp://sarahlouwrites.com/2019/12/19/goals-for-2020-lifestyle/

Sarah Snow – https://sarahsnowwrites.com

Or stick to a good old resolution…

4. 11 perfectly positive resolutions anyone can keep up with – https://emmareed.net/11-perfectly-positive-new-years-resolutions-anyone-can-keep-up/

Emma Reed – https://emerged.net/

5. 2020 Bucket list and goalshttps://mybalancingact.co.uk/2020-bucket-list-and-goals/

6. Looking forward 2020 – https://kaidenlaverty.com/2020/01/03/looking-forward-2020/

Kaiden Laverty – https://kaidenlaverty.com/

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